“Ayu Holding”  – operates as a multifunctional holding company, which through its subsidiaries provides services in the sphere of law, finance, industry production, agricultural production, building construction, economics, sales and marketing.   

Currently, “Ayu Holding” is one of the most flourishing and recognizable brands. Starting from the first days of its foundation, people, who were at the outset of the company, strived to hold a leading position and develop the production process with cutting edge equipment and introduction of new technologies. Efforts to identify and foster our corporate style and advertising concept allowed “Ayu Holding” to lay grounding for roaring success of today.

 “Ayu Holding” has therefore positive effect on the economy of the whole country through the impact on the regional economy. It contributed to increase the level of living standards of many-many people. These ten years combine the most outstanding pages of the company’s story which founded distinct tradition of our value – be keen for performance quality and consistency towards a successful future. Ten years of core business in high gear…  

With hind sight we now see our proud:  national and international recognition, extension of the normal area of practice, growth and success of the company. We have reached a seemingly perfect point of our businessHowever “Ayu Holding” is not still ready to rest. New challengers of the market and ambitious plans are waiting for us to be tackled.  



“Ayu Holding”  consolidates branch companies to contribute significantly for growth of Kyrgyzstan economy. 


Strategic objectives:

  •   Setting up of the leading agricultural and industrial complex ensuring food safety of Kyrgyzstan;
  •   Development of financially sustainable industrial enterprises realizing competitive  products on regional and international markets;
  •   Achieving leading position on the building construction sector, improving capacity on the regional level;
  •   Establishing of the retail trade network of the local and international level;
  •   Optimization of the investment range portfolio focusing on the expanding boundaries in the sphere of high technology production processes.


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