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                                                                                      INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATIONS
                      LIBERAL TRADE REGIMES
                                                                                              WORLD TRADE ORGANIZATION (WTO)
                    Countries, with   Azerbaijan, Armenia,
                   which the Kyrgyz   Belorussia, Kazakhstan,                                 EURASIAN ECONOMIC UNION (EEU)
                  Republic has made   Georgia, Moldova,                                       FREE-TRADE ZONE OF COMMONWEALTH OF
                     agreements on   Russia, Uzbekistan,                                      INDEPENDENT STATES
                 establishment of free   Ukraine, Turkmenistan,
                      trade zones  Tajikistan
                    Countries, with   China, Georgia,
                   which the Kyrgyz   Russia
                  Republic has made                                                           PROFIT TAX
                   an agreement on
                   provision of most-                                                         VALUE-ADDED TAX
                   favored treatment
                         regime                                                               SALES TAX         UP TO

                   MAIN GROUPS OF EXPORTED GOODS                                MAIN EXPORTING COUNTRIES

                     GOLD AND OTHER PRECIOUS GOODS                               KAZAKHSTAN

                     OIL, NATURAL GAS AND OTHER MINERALS                         RUSSIA
                     TEXTILE                                                     SWITZERLAND
                     VEGETABLES AND FRUITS                                       CHINA, TURKEY, TURKMENISTAN, AFGHANISTAN

                     TRANSPORT EQUIPMENT                                         UZBEKISTAN

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